Eimurian Tales is a dark fantasy comic written and drawn by me MDPenman. I’ve been a big lover of fantasy since an early age and Eimurian Tales is my first real foray into the genre.

I wanted to do a world building exercise but one with a low commitment from the audience. My goal is not to tell one epic tale of a world but to tell smaller stories of individuals throughout that world. My hope is that by creating character driven stories people will be able to pick up any of the tales and enjoy them by themselves. At the same time those who decide to read more tales will begin to understand how the world works and the crisis that is consuming it.

My name is Mark Penman, I am a Manchester UK based freelance illustrator and comic book artist as well as a university lecturer. I have been self publishing comics for a number of years but Eimurian Tales is my first webcomic and the first big project I have set myself

As well as self published work I have done comic work for companies such as Image, Red 5, Titan, SLG and White Paper Games.

I love telling stories, creating worlds and entertaining people.

I can be contacted at mdpenman(at)outlook(dot)com

I also have a twitter @m_d_penman

Twitch- www.twitch.tv/mdpenman

And a Tumblr! mdpenman.tumblr.com

If you like the comic you can support Eimurian Tales by donating to my Patreon- www.patreon.com/mdpenman